JTACKLE Sportsfishing Monthly

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 1

This is our new online publication delivered free to your inbox every month. We want this to be truly amazing for you, so as our reader, if you have any suggestions on what content you’d like to see in our future volumes – send us an email to We hope you thoroughly enjoy our first issue.

JTACKLE Sportsfishing Monthly VOL. 2

JTSM is your free online magazine full of fishing reports, techniques, tips and rants by sportsfishing enthusiast Steve Kelly of Jones’s Tackle. This month he will provide an insight into a unique style of lure, discuss this winter’s hottest fishing technique and include a wrap up of what’s on the chew in SEQ.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 3

Since Volume 2 we’ve had so many new readers sign up and have gathered some fantastic responses. If you have any topics that you’re wanting to hear about, let us know at This month Steve runs through the history, development and science behind your favourite graphite rod.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 4

This month JTSM has expanded to include guest writers ! We’re very happy to introduce to you, this month’s guest writers Mr Pete Cherrett and Captain Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast Sportfishing. Pete, better known as Waspy, is one of the East Coast’s leading fly tiers and fishers, from high country trout to bluewater sportfish, he’s a wealth of knowledge and looks forward to sharing a little with you all. Paul is recognised by many as one of Australia’s leading Sportfishing guides, the choice of some of the world’s best anglers when traveling to our shores. Paul will provide a “guides eye view” in wrapping up the fishing reports from the Fraser Coast region. Feel free to get in contact about your suggestions for future articles at We hope you enjoy Volume 4!

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 5

Festive greetings to all and we’d like to introduce to you our December issue of JTSM! This month we welcome back Captain Paul Dolan for his wrap up on what continues to be a sensational start to the summer season. Pete (aka Waspy) from Waspy Flies is back with a superb flats fly imitation, a modern adaptation on a timeless bonefish classic. The young blood Reidy (Jack) has put together a piece on one of Australia’s premier summertime sportfish, his namesake the mangrove jack. Feel free to get in contact about your suggestions for future articles for next year at We hope you enjoy Volume 5 and we’ll see you January 2015!

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 6

Happy New Year and welcome to the first addition of JTSM for 2015. The crew at Jones’s Tackle wish to extend a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 to all our readers. We hope you enjoy the fishing reports, lure profiles and more in JTSM Volume 6. Feel free to contact us at with what you’d like to see in future editions.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 7

We’ve got a jam packed JTSM for you all this month as we welcome back our regular JTSM contributors Pete “Waspy” Cherrett and Captain Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast. This month Pete has an in depth profile on a fly that changed the face of saltwater fly fishing from the legend himself Bob Popovics. Captain Paul once again has the wrap up on what’s biting throughout the Fraser Coast region and also what anglers can expect in February.
We hope you enjoy this issue of JTSM and, like always, appreciate your feedback throughout the month. If you have any reports, photos or issues you would like to see covered in the next edition then be sure to drop us a line or pop into the store and say G’day.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 8

Good day and welcome to the March edition of JTSM, we appreciate the reader feedback and look forward to bringing you this month’s sportfishing news. In a month when trials and tribulations, economic instability and political leadership battles dominate the tabloids, let’s flick to the back pages for the wrap up on what’s biting in SEQ. In a slight change of scenery this month Captain Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast Sportfishing has been kind enough to send us a comprehensive look at fishing Lake Borumba and Cania Dam. Once again Pete Cherret from Waspy Flies has written a fly profile featuring one of the modern era’s more intriguing “conception” flies. Northern Territory “Run-off fishing” features high on the bucket list for many sportfishos, Jack Reid’s lived it, loved it and now written about it. So get comfortable, pour yourself a glass, here’s the monthly report the Jones’s Tackle way.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 9

G’day and welcome back readers to this month’s edition of your local sportfishing news. The new look JTSM is more compact, more concise and will offer more insight into products, reviews and as always include what’s bitting in SEQ. The crew at Jones’s Tackle hope everyone had a fishy kind of Easter and are quietly excited about the fishing prospects in the coming month. We hope you enjoy!

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 10

G’Day and it’s a very cool welcome to our first winter edition of JTSM for 2015. We look forward to bringing you this month’s edition of your local sportfishing news with a brand new look!

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 11

Welcome to Volume 11 of JTSM! We’ve got some great reads for you this month – a collection of fishy reports and info and tips on new products. As usual, we’d love your feedback and encourage everyone to send in their favourite fishing pictures and or stories to – we hope you enjoy.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 12

Welcome one and all and thank you for tuning in to this month’s edition of JTSM, your local sportfishing news. We hope you enjoy our 12th Edition.

JTACKLE Sportfishing Monthly VOL. 13

HoHoHo!! A very festive welcome to one and all! Thank you for tuning into the December edition of JTSM, your local sportfishing news. We appreciate the reader feedback as always and encourage everyone to send in their favourite pictures; or stories about the one that got away. In addition to our usual fishing reports this edition has an insight to a range of new products along with Christmas gift ideas. Pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and enjoy this month’s JTSM.