Jones’s Tackle run regular educational courses so that you have the opportunity to find out more about the style of fishing that interests you.

joness-tackle-snapper-seminar Jones's Tackle Brisbane Fishing Seminar Jones's Tackle Brisbane Fishing Seminar

Jones’s Tackle Seminars

Several times a year, Jones’s Tackle have a Friday evening seminar 7.30pm – 10.30pm, held on our premises. These evenings cost $10 and we not only provide a speaker of renown, but we feed you as well. Fun, food and information.

Jones's Tackle Brisbane Fishing Seminar

The speaker covers a specific topic, eg Dave Downie covered Estuary Skills and Techniques, Bill Corten – Offshore Reef Fishing and Bar Crossing, Warren Steptoe – Monster Barra in Dams in Central Qld, and most recently Gary Howard covered the topic Surf Secrets. In most cases, we ask the presenter to cover information for beginners as well as the more technical aspects for more experienced anglers. Speakers will always use slides / video clips / PowerPoint  to support their presentation.

Weekend Fly Fishing Classes at Jones’s Tackle

Fly casting classes are organised on a regular basis – approx every 2 months. This is a weekend course, for beginners and includes an information session, casting tuition and an “on water” fishing session.

Jones's Tackle Fly Fishing Class

Jones’s Tackle Fly Tying Courses

Fly Tying classes consist of a six week course, and cover freshwater flies as well as saltwater. All fly skills are covered – dubbing, winging, spinning deer hair, & epoxy flies.

For information on any of these classes, contact us and we will be happy to keep you informed as classes become available. The best way of doing this would be to request to join our Mailing List. This also makes you eligible for a VIP Invite to our Mega Sale each year – allowing you to receive extra discounts off all items in store, even items already at Sale Prices.

Other Services

We also provide Insurance Quotations, rod & reel repairs, spare parts.

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