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Lyn and Neil fished Hervey Bay late in the Easter break and despite the 25-30 knot winds they caught some great fish on micro jigs.
Hervey Bay is mostly around 20 metres deep so 30-40 gram jigs are ideally suited to the job and IMA Gun was once again the lure of choice.
Trevally of all species love Ima Guns and Hervey has good schools of Brassy and Golden Trevally so it’s an great place to jig.
Some of the better Goldens are pictured below.

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Lyn and Neil went to one of their local spots to chase big Amberjacks and these are some of the fish caught.
Jigs used on the day included Evergreen Javeline, Hots Keitan and Smith Mejiyume.


Hervey Bay Fishing Trip: Feb/2010

Lyn and Neil spent two great days fishing in Hervey Bay last week.
Some new gear along with some old favorites were put to the test.

Lyn with nice Snapper


Neil and big Golden Trevally

Lyn with one of many Brassy Trevally

Neil with another nice Goldie

Mack Tuna on Snapback Jerkbait
The most productive lures were Ima Gun jigs in 30 and 40g. Duel Adagio pencils and Terminator Snapbacks.
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What’s On The Bite?

A common question at the moment is “With all the fresh water around is there anywhere I can catch a fish or two?”
Well, there’s been some surprisingly good catches despite all the rain.
One of our Bribie Island regulars has been doing quite well on Flathead even though the water is pretty discoloured. Remember that the deeper spots will have more salinity than the shallows. His best fish in the last week was 83cm.

The Gold Coast had very little flooding and the Seaway is fishing well. School Jew are plentiful in all the normal spots like the pipeline.

Offshore from Moreton Island the water is blue and warm and Wahoo have been around in good numbers.
Spots like Hutchies as well as the bottom end of the Barwons and the Nine Mile off the Gold Coast all worth a try.

Pearl Perch are on the bite on the deeper reefs like Wide Caloundra.

The floods have been a disaster for so many in the Brisbane area and surrounds, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.
The only upside for anglers is that historically the fishing will be great for the next few years.


Ima Gun Stikes Again!

The effectivness of these little jigs never ceases to amaze!
On Sunday Lyn and Neil were out on some of the shallow reefs in Moreton Bay. The conditions were pretty poor with northerlies blowing all day but the Ima Gun 30g jigs saved the day.

Lyn with nice bay Snapper

Neil with Estuary Cod

Big Kingfish took Gun 30 in Moreton Bay!

Lyn with another Snapper

Many other fish were caught, what a great day.
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Jigging action from Moreton Island

August 22nd saw Jones’s Tackle hosting a crew of customers on another great jigging trip to the waters off Cape Moreton.

Lots of fish were caught and released and everyone came away with lots of new experiences to use when out fishing with their mates.
Check out this link to the action on YouTube.

Aaron with nice Amberjack

Simon with another AJ
Luke and Kingfish
Chris is pretty pleased with this Amberjack
Todd and Amberjack
Dan happy with one of his AJ’s
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Jones’s Tackle Customer Jigging Trip: Aug/2010

The Jones’s Tackle team and customers were greeted with great offshore weather last weekend for one of the regular trips they host to introduce customers to the fantastic sport of jigging.

Here’s a few pics of some of the fish caught and check out this YouTube link for some incredible video action.

Greg and nice Kingy
Scott and Amberjack
Warren with another AJ
Willem and Kingy
Rob with a Kingfish
Will and AJ
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Inshore Light Jigging

On Monday Nigel headed out to the Gold Coast Seaway entrance to try out some of the new micro jigs and techniques inshore. Light jigging and casting bibless sinking twitch bait produced fantastic results. IMA Gun 20g and 30g jigs again proved irresistible but this time it was Jew fish, small GT’s, Big Eye and surprisingly even a few Luderick were caught.

Jew fish on IMA Gun
Luderick on IMA Gun 30g


Nigel with Big Eye Trevally


GT on twitch bait

Light Jigging off Fraser Island

Two weeks ago, Steve and friends were at Sandy Cape Shoals off Fraser Island trying a few light jigging techniques. The most successful lures were IMA Gun 30 and 40g jigs along with Evergreen’s Caprice Kid.
These new micro-jigs continue to produce outstanding results.

Steve with Turrum

Steve with Bludger Trevally


Ima and Evergreen jigs in action

With light jigging rapidly gaining popularity and many fish falling to jigs around the 80g to 150g range, Lyn and Neil have been experimenting with the next phase of jigging – micro jigs.
They are using jigs from 20g to 60g and the results have certainly been raising eyebrows!

14lb snapper on 30g Ima Gun
Kingfish on Evergreen Gaprice jig
Kingfish on 40g Ima Gun
Kingy on 50g Evergreen Caprice Kid jig
That snapper again!

Barra fishing near Brisbane

On the eve of winter, staff member Nigel went to the Suncoast Barra Park to challenge some barramundi with big bait lures. The Barra Park is located at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast and the lakes are teaming with highly educated barra that have had every lure thrown at them, so there are times these cunning barra will only take certain types of lures used with the best of techniques. Nigel used Lucky Craft Real California and Evergreen ES Flat and ES Drive lures to good effect, as these pictures show.

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Monster Murray Cod Trip Report

All at Jones’s Tackle are pleased to welcome Nigel back on staff, he’s been away for a year or so and it’s great to have all his knowledge on tap again. Nigel loves his freshwater fishing and with his friends, Alvin and Steven, recently managed to secure a fishing trip at the Monster Murray Cod retreat in the New England area of NSW.  Monster Murray Cod is a fishing retreat on a private property which has 5 lakes stocked with Murray Cod. They are only opened over the weekend and allow a maximum of 4 anglers.
With the bookings made, Nigel called his mates overseas to check if they were keen to fish for the famous native fish the mighty Murray cod. Fortunately they were free this time and immediately booked their flights to Brisbane and got all their gear organised. They decided to target the fish mainly using topwater and big bait lures.

Nigel and Cod on deep big bait
Pristine waters!
Steven with Cod on Spinnerbait
Alvin and Cod on Lucky Craft lure
Steven and another wild Cod
Alvin with beautifully marked Cod
Another pretty Cod

Hervey Bay Trip Report

As dawn broke over Hervey Bay on Anzac Day 2010, Jones’s Tackle team member Dan Saville along with good mates Sam and Todd were heading out under the guidance of Paul Dolan (Fraser Coast Sportfishing) to launch an attack on the light tackle sportfish that call these waters home.

The boys set out for Platypus Bay hoping to spin their first Longtail tunas. After boating a dozen or more Mack Tuna, the peak time for Longtails was at hand so the crew headed North in search of these speedsters. The schools were flighty, but precise boat positioning and accurate casting saw each of the boys landing their first Longtails. As the sun rose higher the fishing hit a whole new level with plenty of double and triple hook ups.

Over the last 8 years Paul Dolan has been the leader in the use of Snap Back Jerkshads on Tuna and on the day they proved deadly in Bubblegum and Blue Glimmer colours. Tuna also fell to Yozuri Hydro Pencils with amazing surface strikes that will leave fond memories with the boys till they return….

For any information on the article or the gear used to tame these fantastic Sportfish drop in and see the crew at Jones’s Tackle. For queries on taking a Sportfishing charter for the day, speak to the crew or check out Paul’s website


Anzac Day Trip Report 2010

In their last blog Lyn and Neil mentioned that the weather was only marginal for the northern waters of Moreton Bay; well the Monday of the Anzac Day long week-end was decidedly more challenging with winds to 25 knots and a good 1.5 metres of sea running most of the day. The lure of fast Tunas can make most things bearable!
The bait was very small and as the pics show the venerable Snapback shone through again.


Tuna Fishing Report: April 2010

With the height of Tuna season on our doorstep, and the Jones’s Tackle “Sportfishing Speedsters” seminar fresh on the mind, both seminar attendees and regular costumers have reported fantastic numbers of Tuna in the South-East Corner.
Successful trip reports have boasted excellent numbers of Bonito, Watson’s Leaping Bonito, Mack Tuna and the light tackle sport-fishing heavyweight – Longtail Tuna.
With large congregations of baitfish, fast-moving tides, and densely-populated Tuna schools it has made for explosive surface feeding action.

Successful lures have ranged from 18g, 25g and 35g “Mucho Lucir” casting slugs on Bonito and smaller Mack Tuna, to the ever-reliable terminator “Snap-Back” soft plastic accounting for the larger Mack Tuna and the majority of Longtails. On occasion large Longtail Tuna have been found in very shallow water chasing large baitfish such as Finny Scad and Garfish. Skipping surface lures are a good imitation of these baitfish, and usually provide amazing surface strikes.
For any information or advice on this article or on Tuna spinning, come in and talk to the experienced staff at Jones’s Tackle.

Bay Trip Report: Easter 2010

After presenting the recent “Sportfishing Speedsters” Seminar, Lyn and Neil ventured out into the bay on Easter Monday to put their theories into practice. The weather was only marginal for the Northern bay, but at least there were some Longtails around to take their mind off the whitecaps. Contrary to recent trends, the far Northern bay was where most of the action was taking place.
“Snapbacks” accounted for all the fish caught. Anglers using most offshore soft plastic techniques will understand that there are considerable deficiencies with commercially available jig hooks. Hook up and hook retention rates, along with the strength of most of what’s available leave a lot to be desired. With this in mind the team at Jones’s Tackle are currently trialling a new secret weapon custom made jig hook, with very positive results.

Watch this space for more information.



Fast Fish Time

Pelagic season 2010 is off to a great start with Mackerel spread from Gladstone in the north to Tweed Heads down south. Reports are coming in of good numbers of Spotties, Doggies and Spanish macks; with the more concentrated schools between Noosa and the top end of Moreton Bay. Riding the Eastern Current with the Mackerel are shoals of Australian Bonito, Watson’s Leaping Bonito, Mac Tuna and the desirable light tackle sportfish – the Longtail Tuna. Longtails tend to be a more green water species that will inhabit the coastal bays right down our east coast from now through till about May, leaving behind our resident population of larger specimens.

This Longtail was taken on a Maria “Mucho Lucir” casting slug in colour (grh) green. Upgrading the split rings and changing to “Pluggin Single” style single lure hooks is recommended when spinning these speedsters. Other popular lures for the day were Snapback soft plastics rigged on TT 5/8 – 5/0 jig heads and “Adagio” sinking stickbaits.

For any tackle supplies, or further information on this article or Pelagic spinning, drop past and see the crew at Jones’s Tackle.


Fraser Coast Flats Fishing

Prevailing winds from the North West over the last month has made bay fishing difficult to say the least.
Late November gave us a brief window of light northerlys in the mornings and a chance to hit the flats.
Fraser coast has one of the best saltwater sight fisheries in the country. With good tides, clear skies and a little luck the sight casting to golden trevally is world class.
Working the flats in 2-3 feet of water and watching these fish stand on end to munch on a yabbie is enough to get the heart racing

 And if the north westerlys keep you off the flats there are always other options-

Here’s Lyn with a fat Hervey Mack Tuna spun up on a Snapback in November


Tuna Spinning Moreton Bay

Wednesday morning brought good weather and fantastic boating conditions- ideal for a day in the bay. With rumours of early season Tuna arriving in the South East the boys ventured out for a spin.
In recent weeks large bait schools have moved into the Southern Bay bringing various types of Tuna with them. Bonito, Watson’s Leaping Bonito and Mac Tuna are making up most of the numbers with both resident and migratory Long Tails working large bait fish on current lines and channel ledges.

Both Mucho Lucir and Smith Metal Forecast chrome lures accounted for the smaller Tuna species; the larger fish of the day fell to Snapback soft plastics and an amazing surface strike on a Yozuri Hydro Pencil.

For any information regarding Tuna Spinning and tackle requirements come in and see us at Jones’s Tackle.


Customer Jigging Trip: 13-09-09

September 13th saw the Jones’s Tackle crew and customers heading off Cape Moreton on another jigging foray. The game plan was to fish the shallow reefs chasing Amberjack & Kingfish on the lighter jig tackle. This type of light jigging is mostly using 100-200 gram jigs and some of the best fun you’ll ever have with a jig outfit. Schooling fish and light gear can make for fast and furious action. After this we headed out to deep marks in 100-150m to rustle up some Pearlies and Kings. Boat skills are really important out here; pinpoint positioning using sounder and GPS is a must to get your jig amongst the fish. The Kingfish at this depth are often only slightly bigger than the shallow water schooling fish but the Pearlies can be XOS with 3-4kg specimens not uncommon.

A range of jig styles were practised and refined on the day; the less experienced jiggers on board took home new techniques that will do wonders for their confidence and catch rate in the future.

Jones’s Tackle offers jigging trips for customers who have purchased their gear through the store. Anglers with any level of experience are welcome; a typical group on board will range from first timers to seasoned jiggers.
Experienced staff members are always on hand to help with rigging and jigging techniques.
For more information contact the team at Jones’s Tackle- (07) 3857 5857.