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Some of our recent fishing trip pics.

The team at Jones’s Tackle has had some great trips recently. Jack’s been back home to the Townsville region and Lyn, Neil and Steve have been out and around from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. Here’s a few pics from those adventures.lyn amberjack jigging
hervey 2014 january 255

hervey 2014 january 289

Jack with coral trout



Lyn with amberjack

Lyn with Rthroat 1

Steve with Golden

Steve with tuna

Yellowfin on jig


Snapper on Jigs!!

The proof is in the pictures. Snapper can be targeted on metal jigs. Lyn and Neil landed these fish on slow pitch techniques in a great recent fishing trip to our local spots off Cape Moreton.snapper on jig 1

snapper on jig 2

snapper on jig 3

snapper on jig 4

snapper on jig 5

snapper on jig 6

snapper on jig 7


Belated Trip Reports


Wow, it’s been so busy of late that our trip reports have suffered a bit.

So here’s a bit of a catch up:


Meet our newest staff member, Jack Reid, pictured holding a great longtail tuna caught near Stradbroke Island recently.

Jack has extensive experience working in the tackle industry and fishing in north Queensland.

Now he’s learning the ropes down here and this top fish is a pretty good start.


longtail tuna, jones's tackle brisbane





Lyn and Neil had a great trip up to Fraser Island over Easter. The weather was fantastic and although the sportfishing was a bit slow there were plenty of nice reef fish around. All these fish were caught on micro jigs, again confirming just how effective this technique is on reef species. Successful jigs included models from Apia, Ima, Shout and CB One.

fishin tackle brisbane, jones's tackle

Lyn with a lovely wire netting cod

fishing tackle brisbane, jones's tackle

Neil with a colourful coronation trout

fishing tackle brisbane, jones's tackle

Nice coral trout on micro jig

fishing tackle brisbane, jones's tackle

Cobia also like micro jigs!

fishing tackle brisbane, jones's tackle

This picture was taken 60klms north of Fraser Island on Sunday. How calm is that!




Jigging and Tuna Fishing Trip

Lyn and Neil were out off Cape Moreton recently chasing a few big Amberjack on jig. Unusually for a Sunday the weather was  great and there were a few fish around as well. It’s fair to say that since the two big flood events of recent years the fish have been harder to find so persevering and finding that pinnacle with active fish on it just takes more time.  When the fishing is harder it’s no time to be using inferior jigs. Jigs from Hot’s, Evergreen and Smith were the proven performers. Back in the bay we are having one of the best Lontail Tuna seasons in quite a few years and Lyn landed a nice one from quite a few Mack Tuna on the run back home in the afternoon. 


Neil with a nice 120cm Amberjack on light jig

jones's tackle brisbane

Lyn with 9kg Longtail on Duel Adagio lure

amberjack jigging, jones's tackle brisbane

Another nice AJ

jones's tackle brisbane jigging

Lyn with a Mack Tuna caught on jig


Fraser Island Sojourn

Lyn and Neil just got back from an awesome trip to Fraser Island. The weather was perfect and the pelagics were really on the chew. Two days of non stop action, with the spotties feeding on baitballs and the offshore reefs packed with hungry trevally. Every now and again the weather and the fish all come together to produce trips that stick with you forever…this was one of those. Can’t wait to do it again!!
Check out our Facebook page for a link to video clip of the bait ball action.

jones's tackle brisbane lyn-gt popping

Lyn with a nice GT on a Yo-zuri popper

jones's tackle, neil-gt popping

GT on a sinking stickbait

jones's tackle, gt popping

Bludger trevally on a Smith Runboh

jones's tackle, gt popping

Biggest bludger trevally on a FCL pencil

jones's tackle, gt popping

Another GT on yo-zuri popper

jones's tackle. spotty mackerel fishing

Spotty on a yo-zuri surface pencil

jones's tackle brisbane, gt popping

GT on a Shimano ocea pencil

jones's tackle brisbane

Plenty of bludgers around

jones's tackle brisbane

Spotty mack on Maria slug

jones's tackle brisbane, gt popping

Those bludger kept chewing on sinking pencils. This one is a Tackle House Saltia

jones's tackle brisbane, gt popping

FCL pencil strikes again

jones's tackle brisbane, gt popping

Last fish on this stickbait…a Spaniard took it home next cast!


Jigging Reefies

Lyn and Neil were out off the Cape recently trying out new jigs and slow pitch jigging tricks.
Snapper and Pearlies really respond to these specific bottom fish targeting techniques.

Neil with a nice little snapper on a Nature Boys Slow Rider jig.

Neil with a nice little snapper on a Nature Boys Slow Rider jig.


Lyn with a better fish tempted by a Shout Flash jig.


Pearlies like the Shout Flash jig too.


Mini snapper can’t resist Ima Gun jigs


Cool fishing at Fraser Island

Lyn and Neil spent a few days in late January fishing some of their favourite spots off Fraser Island. Calm weather for a few days allowed for some fishing east of Breaksea Spit and as usual this remote spot turned up a few great fish.

All the fish were caught micro jigging or casting stickbaits and poppers. There has been a bit of a drop off in the popularity of micro jigs in recent times but their effectiveness and the variety of fish they attract still make them a must have in the tackle bag.

Lyn with a fabulous 16lb snapper caught on a 50g Caprice Kid jig

Neil with a little GT caught on a Tackle House stickbait

Rainbow Runner caught on a Halco Roosta popper

Nice Coral Trout on a Ima Gunpeki jig

Plenty of Javelin Fish on micro jig this trip

Beautiful bluefin trevally fell to a Saltia Pencil by Tackle House

Brassy trevally are always around at Fraser Island


Hot Offshore Fishing

Lyn and Neil were out off Cape Moreton recently, taking advantage of the good run of Wahoo that are around.

wahoo fishing, jones's tackle brisbane

Lyn with a beautifully marked Wahoo caught on a Halco Giant Trembler

When the Wahoo went quiet a quick spot of jigging produced this nice Kingfish

jones's tackle brisbane, kingfish jigging

Lyn caught this nice kingfish on a Hot’s Debutan jig




Steve at Hervey Bay

Jones’s Tackle team member Steve and good mate Pete had a few days fishing up in Hervey last week. The weather was windy and rough, but despite the conditions they landed some nice fish.

Steve with a beaut Goldie that couldn't resist an Ima jig

Steve with a jig caught Longtail Tuna

Pete with a nice Golden Trevally



Long Weekend In Hervey Bay

A long weekend and a great weather forecast saw Lyn and Neil, along with Jones’s Tackle team member Cameron and his dad, head up to Hervey again.

The weather wasn’t quite as good as predicted with south-westers most of the two days. This made the Tuna hard to find up the island, so they had to make do with the jig scene. Lyn and Neil had a couple of wild sessions on the wider reefs that only lightened their jig bags and produced no photos, such were the losses to bust offs and sharks; but as the pics show the inshore spots still produced some quality fish.

Lyn with a great Golden Trevally

Neil and 92cm Goldy

Cam with a big Golden on jig

Lyn with a Morwong

Cam and his Diamond Trevally

Michael with a cracking Queenfish on jig



Snapper and Amberjack

Two weeks after Easter Lyn and Neil were offshore from Moreton Island for a spot of jigging.

The fish weren’t really on the chew but they still managed to land a couple of quality fish.


Neil with a good 120cm Amberjack on Hot's KS Manufacture jig

Lyn with a nice 77cm Snapper caught on 50g Shout Lighten jig







Easter in Hervey Bay

Lyn and Neil spent the last two days of Easter on the water in Hervey bay. The weather was great for a change and the fish were biting. Longtail Tuna were prolific but the losses to sharks was hard to take at times, by Monday morning the sharks were really on the ball, following the tuna schools and taking four out of five fish hooked.

As usual, Hervey turned on some fantastic micro jig action on Golden and Brassy Trevally.  A few unusual jig captures also turned up this trip, a longtail tuna and a bullray spicing up the action!

Here’s a few pictures from the trip.

Lyn and Longtail Tuna caught on snapback soft plastic

Another nice 95cm goldy on jig

A nice diamond trevally on micro jig

This longtail fell for a 30g Ima jig

Lyn with a nice brassy trevally caught on micro jig

Neil with golden trevally caught on Ima jig


Jigging Amberjacks and Friendly Dolphins

Back in early February in a post entitled  “Amberjack On Jig”,  Lyn and Neil were catching some nice AJs. Check out this link to see footage of one AJ being landed and a cool sequence were a dolphin tried to eat the fish and then put on a bit of a “Sea World” show for them.


Late Summer Longtails in the Bay

Last Sunday Lyn and Neil did the rounds of Moreton Bay and Cape Moreton waters looking for sportfish. Waters offshore look good and there where a few Striped Tuna landed near the cape. Later that day in the bay the Longtails were on the chew. The water is still a bit green, but as the pics show,  if your in the right spot there are fish to be caught. The favoured lures were once again sinking stickbaits – Dual Adagio and the new Maria Blues Code Slim. If you haven’t tried this type of lure yet on pelagic fish, you must get some…so effective!

105cm Longtail on Adagio


106cm Longtail on Blues Code Slim



Amberjack On Jig

Last Sunday Neil and Lyn were out seeing if they could rustle up a few Spotty Mackerel. The Mackerel proved elusive, but the day was so calm that plan B and waters further offshore beckoned. A  half  hour run and a quick change of gear to jigging outfits later, these AJ’s were the result. The five fish, all released, measured between 118 and 125cm.


Steve and mates at Fraser Island

Early in December Jones’s Tackle staffer Steve and a bunch of mates fished the waters north of Fraser Island. As always in this area the weather plays a big part in what you can do. The first day things were great but after that the northerlies came in and messed things up, really limiting the bluewater scene, so the boys had to mostly make do with with Golden Trevally.

Steve with nice Golden caught at dusk

Rhys gazes lovingly at his Goldie


A Trevally bitten in half by the Barracuda in the background!

The same Cuda after it ate a stickbait!


Pete with a Golden that wasn't caught on his favoured fly gear!


Not all Goldens. Here's Jamie with a Long Nosed Trevally


Steve with another Golden






Hervey Bay in October

Lyn and Neil have just spent three days experiencing the delights of Hervey Bay. They had lots of new lures to experiment with, plus many old favourites of course.

The background in the photos and the wet weather gear being worn, tell the tale of the trip…windy and raining. Despite the conditions which limited the range of fishing spots accessible, some top quality fish were landed.

Neil with a beautiful 110cm Diamond trevally on micro jig .

Lyn showing off her Snapper fishing skills with a nice 70cm fish on jig.

Niel with a chunky 96cm Golden Trevally on Gun 30.

Brassy Trevally on soft plastic.

Lyn with one of the many Mack Tuna on Adagio's and Snapbacks.

For any info on the latest tips and techniques call the team at Jones’s Tackle




We have just hosted a couple of our regular deepwater jigging trips for our customers. Most of these guys are new to the sport, some on their first jigging expedition!

It’s great to get out on the water with like minded anglers and a good crew.

A few pics and some footage of the trip.

For any info on these trips or the gear and techniques used just drop us a line:




Lyn and Neil have been out chasing Snapper a couple times this month. Pearl Perch seem to be around in good numbers in most places but as this pic shows there are some good Snapper about as well.

This fish was 88cm and weighed 16lb on the Boga’s
Caught on Shimano Talica 10, Power Pro line.



Early in May the team at Jones’s Tackle hosted another jigging trip with some of their customers.
The aim was to target some larger fish and test the customers gear and skills.
The action came in bursts and this caused plenty of excitement with crossed lines and some shark attacks.

Just a few of the fish landed.
The most productive jigs were Bassday Quicker Long’s and Hot’s Keitan in 250g.