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Latest Slow Pitch Jig Arrivals

Latest model from Xesta. The Slippy is a great new addition to anyone’s jig roll.xesta slippy
Snapper on the Slippysnapper on slippy
Just released Ichimatsu 60g slow fall jig is sure to strike gold in Hervey Bay!ima ichimatsu jig
Yozuri Blanka in cool new glow in the dark cloursyozuri blanka jig

Plenty of New Micro Jigs at Jones’s Tackle

There are lots of new and cool micro jigs that have just arrived in-store.

Brand new from Xesta is the Slow Emotion range. These are classic slow fall jigs ideal from all reef species.micro jigging, jones's tackle brisbane

 jones's tackle, brisbane fishing tackle, micro jigging


brisbane fishing gear, jones's tackle, micro jigging
Hot off the press from Ima is the latest limited edition colours available in 20,30 and 40 gram sizes. Still one of the very best jigs we have used.brisbane micro jigging, jones's tackle, micro jigging

Just released from Anglers Utopia is the slow pitch Enryu series, another first class fish catcher.micro jigging brisbane, jones's tackle, jiggingjones's tackle, micro jigging, brisbane fishing tacklechart_s10[1]chart_s09[1]





New Products In Stock Now

Lots of new lures have just hit the shelf. Awesome products from Duo, Evergreen, Ima and Angler’s Utopia.

apia lures, jones's tackle, brisbane fishing tackle,

anglers utopia lures, jones's tackle, fishing brisbane

Apia Premium jigs are available in 40 gram and 60 gram. They come rigged with Owner twin assist hooks.


duo lures, jones's tackle, fishing tackle brisbane

Duo Blazin is a 92mm, 40g casting minnow. Ideal for Tuna, Trevally, Mackerel and Tailor

ima lures, jones's tackle, brisbane fishing tackle

New 60g version of the IMA Gun. A must have for all micro jiggers.

 evergreen caprice kid, jones's tackle, fishing brisbane

New stocks and colours of the cool 50g Caprice Kid just arrived

ima barbarossa, jones's tackle, fishing tackle brisbane

Barbarossa is a cool new sinking stickbait from IMA lures. 120mm – 33grams

Limited Edition Ima Gun Jigs


Ima have just released these cool new limited edition colours for the best little jigs on the market.

Available now in 20 – 30 and 40g sizes, while stocks last.

The zebra stripe models all feature glow bands.


Now in store – the full range of NEW Stella SW reels!

This is now a range of 12 reels, from the 4000 size for inshore salt water through to the powerhouse 30 000 size which fits 600 m of 100 lb braid.

Check out the specifications of each reel on this link.

More Info About The New Stella SW Reels

Jones's tackle new stella swWe have had a couple of long plays with the new Stella SW reels and it sure looks like Shimano has moved the goal posts a lot higher. When you look at the presentation on our previous post you’ll see a lot of new claims and obviously it’s not just advertising hype, these are noticeable improvements. The new one piece bail wire is made of titanium and is the strongest most rigid bail we’ve seen. The old reel had a top class drag and this new one is even better, absolutely smooth without a hint of breakaway torque even at the highest settings. Handles, gears, rotors all made better and stronger along with increased water resistance, this is going to be one awesome reel!jones's tackle new stella sw


jones's tackle, new 2013 stella sw reelsSoon to be available at Jones’s Tackle is the latest version of the top class Stella SW reels. New features with increased power and durability and a great new range of sizes. Check out the presentation below for more info.

IMA Gunpeki Jigs Just Arrived

ima gun jigs at jones's tackle brisbane
ima gun jigs at jones's tackle brisbane
The team at Jones’s Tackle sure has a soft spot for IMA lures!
IMA Gunpeki 30 and 40 gram jigs are our “go to” slow pitch micro jig. When in doubt tie on a Gun!
Plenty of new colours have just arrived.
Check out a couple of the latest colours below.gun jig jones's tackle brisbanejones's tackle ima gun jigs in stock

IMA Honey Trap 95S Back In Stock!

jones's tackle has ima lures

ima honey trap at jones's tackle brisbane

The small stickbait that started it all for us, is back in stock. IMA’s fabulous Honey Trap is a bit different to the normal stuff that we cast for Tuna and Macks. Honey Traps work just fine on these pelagics, but because they sink more slowly than things like Adagios and Bungy Casts, they have added usefulness in shallow water, either on the flats or over reef. A must have lure for everyone’s tackle box!