About Jones’s Tackle



We here at Jones’s Tackle have an exceptional range of fishing tackle. 

Because we fish (a lot!), we are aware of your needs; therefore we keep a FULL range of products on hand. Our aim is to offer you excellent service. As our customer you will be treated in a friendly and professional manner. All our customers are special.

We have the experience to give you the best information about the gear you wish to purchase from us. We keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques, and in many areas are the innovators. Jones’s Tackle has developed into one of Australia’s premier sportfishing, deepwater Jigging & GT popping equipment outfitters

We expect the highest standards from our own personal gear and know the difference quality makes when you’re attached to the fish of your dreams. That’s why we stock exclusive tackle lines from the world’s best tackle manufacturers. We at Jones’s Tackle hope our experience and high standards will help make your fishing dreams come true.

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